Hair transplant clinic in Lahore was established in 1999 and providing hair restoration, hair loss treatments.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Lahore’s Best Hair Care Clinic


Most of the people suffer with lack of hair growth and getting bald heads. For that problem here is the solution, best hair transplant clinic you can find in Lahore. They are  having hair restoration surgeon experts providing extreme services in hair transplantation. They follow modern scientific methods of treatment, which can also do for eyebrow and eyelashes. Their services are generous and affordable, which also gives better results without any side effects.  It is the best choice for inadequate hair persons and make changes in your appearance.

Methods of Hair Transplant:


Before the operation,  they offer consulting services, they can discuss and suggest the suitable methods. By their treatment you will get confidence in your life, after the procedure they don’t leave any scar or wound on your head  two methods are available for hair restoration, These are the following:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): It is the latest technology,  which is still exists now and  in this  procedure. Initially they extract the follicular  units  from the donor area and it is dissected into individual follicular units. Which is also used for body hair transplant to the scalp, and they will place this hair grafts in the bald area. In these normally they can extract 2500 to 3500 follicles per day.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): This is a traditionally following and it is a low cost method, it involves in extracting the hair a linear strip of hair bearing skin from the backside or the side of the scalp. Which is then dissected into separate grafts like FUE method.

Lahore Hair Transplantation is the  perfect hair clinic for the persons who suffers with hair loss. It is providing a team of experts who are professional in hair implantation, Which also  gives excellent results and helps  you hair growth naturally. Want to get consultancy service, please visit

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