Hair transplant clinic in Lahore was established in 1999 and providing hair restoration, hair loss treatments.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Perfect Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore



Lahore Hair Transplant is the best clinic for hair restoration surgery located in Lahore having a team of professional surgeons who  provides best services using the latest technology and equipment at affordable prices. Initially the procedure involves in pre-operative assessment and planning, in this they discuss your preferences so that they can easily suggest which treatment suits you best.  They follow the advanced  hair replacement  techniques for better results.

Hair Transplantation: This clinic specializes in Hair implementation surgery with  dermatological surgeon experts. By this hair transplant obviously they will improve their self confidence who is balding. They give the best advices by their professional surgeons and the procedure is  usually moves hair from back to side of the head to the top of the head.  They follow two hair transplant methods those are FUE and FUT treatment.

The Method Will Be As Follows


They will give you  local anesthesia drug to relax and Your scalp is cleaned absolutely. A portion of your hairy scalp is removed using a surgical knife which is called donor area and it is closed with tiny stitches. Now they will carefully separate individual hairs from removing scalp. Finally, they will replace the healthy hair on cuts.

Precautions To Be Taken After The Surgery:

  • Care must be taken from your scalp by following doctor’s instructions which helps in quick heal.
  • The day or any other day you need to take surgical dressing which will be covered by a baseball cap
  • You have to use some antibiotics and medicines to protect your scalp and for better result.
This clinic provides excellent hair restoration surgery and they provide consultancy session  later on  you need to get a transplant treatment before surgery.They offer quality treatment with the latest equipment at reasonable prices. To have their appointment Please visit

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