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Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant

Follicular unit extraction is a type of hair transplant and the craze of every single person in this modern era. It is used for all those people suffering from damages of hair, excessive hair loss along with needs of transplantation. People wanted to alter their hairlines to become more attractive. But not all the techniques are safe and secure for every single person. FUE is a technique about which we will discuss here which is used to cure your hair loss in a better way. In FUE the roots with hair grafts are extracted manually and planted at the site where you suffered with hair loss. FUE could take a single session or it can be done in several sessions depending upon the type of hair loss you have. It is a natural process which gives you result with the passage of time.
Follicular unit extraction Pakistan

FUE procedure includes following steps:
1.     Preparation for the transplant.
In FUE1st step the hair follicles of the patient are removed initially from the back of his head and are injected on those areas where there are any kinds of baldness. All the balding areas are relocated by this technique.
2.     Trimming.
The FUE procedure is started after the trimming of donor areas. All the hairs of the Donor areas are trimmed 1st.
3.     Preparation of surgery.
FUE procedure started when once the hair in the donor areas is trimmed the patient is subjected to local anesthesia in order to stop all kinds of sensations.
4.     Stitches of donor area:
In FUE those hair follicles that caused bald resistance are removed through surgery and all the other sites of baldness are implanted.
5.     Combing of hair.
To proceed FUE the combing of hair is done on sutured areas so that all those sutures are hidden. All those sutures are removed after 10 days of this procedure and the sutures remain on the scalp behind hair for 10 days almost.
6.     Tissue trimming:
The donor tissues in FUE are allowed to be trimmed by using microscopes. The preparation of follicular units for hair grafting is done in this step.
7.     Balding area preparation:
Further in FUE the balding area after the effect to anesthesia is prepared for the surgery. All the hair from the recipient area is removed in this step.
8.     Incisions:
The incisions in FUE are made in the regular pattern of the recipient area and follicular unit grafts are safely placed in them.
9.     Grafting according to densities:
The lighter grafts are placed on the front lines and the heavy one is placed on the back of the hair line.
10.                     After surgery:
Once the FUE hair transplant in Pakistan surgery is done the tiny hair incisions starts appearing on patients in all those operated areas.
11.                     Ending of surgery:
In FUE all the incisions are left to heal by all-natural process and all the soreness and redness that appears after FUE surgery vanishes within a week.
Benefits of FUE
·        As in FUE there are no stitches involved or done on bald areas, so it is a safe process and easily concealable.
·        It is a complete advanced technology so there is no chance of any false technique.
·        As it involves anesthesia involvement and no stitching it is a completely comfortable process.
·        You can recover fast in this technique.
·        This is quite an affordable procedure.
Side effects of FUE
·        Crust could be appearing around the surgical sites after FUE.
·        The pus is most common side effect of FUE
·        The scalp pain is happening in many people after FUE
·        The swelling and inflammation of hair follicles is the major side effect of FUE
·        Bleeding happens usually after the FUE procedure is done once.
Cost of FUE
FUE is one of the most successful procedures of today and it also seems very much long lasting on patients which have go through this procedure
As the newly transplanted hair after FUE is allowed to grow it is a much safer procedure to be done. FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan is variable from $800 to $15,00 but it depends upon the type of baldness and the amount of hair is being treated during the whole procedure of FUE in countries like Pakistan this whole procedure is being done between 40,000 to 400,000 depends upon your investment, baldness and again on the type of hair u have for surgery. The amount of hair is the most important factor on which the cost of FUE is dependent.

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